Digital history project: a revised persona

Name: Thomas

Demographic: African American, middle class, educated male, socially liberal

Descriptive Title: a father and community activist involved in programs to encourage inter-racial dialogue

End Goals:Thomas would use this website because it involves African American history, and especially so if it provides information about the agency of both slaves and free African Americans in the underground railroad, which could possibly provide materials he and his family could learn about together. His secondary interest is its potential modeling of inter-racial cooperation in support of civil rights. If the website shows the location and description of interesting historical places, he might take his family there, or help arrange a school field trip.

Quote: “I have a stake in this area just like everyone else.”

A Day in a Life Narrative: Thomas is a graduate of the local university and is a police officer. He is an active member in some collaborative attempts by the city and university to foster dialogue between area residents, who are overwhelmingly white, and African American students and university staff. He does not use Facebook or other social media, although his children and wife do. He has little spare time for reading, but watches television and has some interest in historical documentaries if he happens to catch them. He plans the family’s out-of-town trips, and also accompanies his sons on Boy Scout camping trips.

End Goals: Thomas would use this website because it appeals to his interest in African American culture, and its possible relevance to the area’s troubled history of race relations.

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